neuner köpfle

We had last friday free and went to the mountain at Tannheim in Austria. We were there for the first time about 4 years ago.;)

I love this hiking route, there’re lots of lakes in many different levels of the mountain.

Marmot! :)) We saw at least 20 of them on this day, probably they are awake from the long winter sleep and enjoying the arrival of spring.

 Near the top of the mountain it’s often cloudy and still laying snow partly.

What a wonderful moment! The pollen look like doing an art on the water surface and telling spring stories to the calm, steady, rocky mountain.
I hope you all had a nice weekend and wish you a cheerful week!:)


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  1. Breathtaking! What a wonderful place to go hiking!

  2. Dear Geninne, yes, truely it's a perfect place for hiking and last summer Chris and I had 11-day-hiking over the alps, it was just fantastic!! I thought of you on the way hiking, whenever I saw an interesting flower or bird.:)

  3. Hallo, stille Tage in Clichy! Schön Dich in meinem Blog zu begrüßen.:)

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