korean thanks giving day

On my table of today’s dinner..I spent almost an hour for cooking and prepared more than 2 dishes – it doesn’t happen so often nowadays!! Well, it’s korean thanks giving day today. My dinner doesn’t match to the traditional supper for today, but at least I gave more effort.
I wonder if the moon will be seen tonight..it’s the best time to make your wish, so if you see any time, any where the moon tonight, don’t forget to wish your dream!;)

Chris and I have seen this rabbit since last month, I guess and we brought it for our Ponyo to our home last weekend. As soon as I touched it, I fell deeply in love with it. It’s sooooo cosy and cuddly! 😀 Chris likes to be kidding that I am gonna make it in pieces before our Ponyo is there, ’cause I can’t stay away from it for any second! :p But I’m sure it’s also good for Ponyo that the rabbit has the same smell as mine.:))
By the way, it calls Hase(rabbit) Ponyo.:)


About su-pyo

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Su-Pyo,

    the food looks delicious! And I am glad you've chosen a rabbit for Ponyo, they are the cutest animals – maybe I am a little bit prejudiced…

    Actually we've seen a striking moonrise today. I put a picture on my blog. But I didn't know I can make a wish, too bad.

    I hope you three are fine!

    Take care

  2. Hi Maria!
    hope you two are also doing well,;) you know what, Ponyo will be born in the year of rabbit! It just comes altogether so right.kk.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Su-Pyo,
    no, we won't be in Germany in October. The earliest will be in February, but probably we'll stay longer…
    CU Maria

  4. Mingi

    hahahaha,, ja, sei vorsichtig dass du es nicht kaputt machst.;p

  5. haha…-_- sehr witzig. Wenn's kaputt geht, macht die Tante Mingi den alten wieder in Ordnung und holen wir noch einen!:D

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